How to Make the Most of Your Mini Session

Posted on Sep 1, 2016 in Kids & Families, Portraits, Tips

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We live in a digital age where capturing moments shared with family and friends has become part of our day to day routine. So when it comes to family photos, you may be debating whether or not you should hire a professional for a number of reasons. If the idea of working with a photographer for your family photos has seemed a little intimidating in the past or maybe just beyond what your budget will allow, a mini session is the perfect way to get started!

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Mini sessions are exactly what the name implies! A mini session is a photo shoot that requires just 25 minutes of your time. For busy families carving out less than a half hour in your schedule sounds ideal. But you may be wondering, how can you wrangle the whole family together and get photos that you will all cherish forever without spending hours to do so? This blog will tell you just how you and your family can get the absolute most out of your mini session!

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1. Keep in mind, not everyone in the family needs to be looking at the camera & smiling for it to be a great shot! The candid moments are always the best and most memory-evoking moments. So let the emotions flow naturally and remember to interact with your children, be affectionate, sincere and playful.

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2. While candid photos are always great, I know it’s a big priority to get photos of all the family members smiling at the camera so in order to do so, please keep smiling at me and I will get the children’s attention. Avoid pointing at me or directing them to look at me, just focus on maintaining a natural smile and eventually I’ll get their attention and we’ll successfully capture that portrait for your holiday card.

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3. Hype up the session before hand as a cool family event! Dress for the weather in outfits that everyone feels great in. Arrive with everyone at their best; full bellies and adequate nap time definitely helps. Feel free to bring small, easy to eat snacks just in case bribery is needed. Plan something the whole family enjoys for after your session as a reward, like a trip to the ice cream shop or a movie night!

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4. Just remember that while you probably think all of the kids I photograph are perfect angels, family sessions are mostly chaos. The moments in between the chaos are what you see here on the blog and you just have to trust that amongst the chaos there are beautiful moments being captured. After many years of photographing families, I’ve seen all the meltdowns! So, please do not be embarrassed or upset by your child’s behavior. I am very laid back and able to roll with the punches. Sometimes a bad attitude can be solved by simply letting the child run it out! So, we’ll let them explore on their own as I capture candid moments. If you truly have fun with your kids and interact genuinely I’ll be able to capture images you can treasure for a lifetime!

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5. Don’t forget to have fun and just enjoy being together as a family! The big laughs, sweet moments, and the whole adventure of the experience as a family is what you’ll walk away with in addition to the priceless photos!

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