I import all of my images in Photo Mechanic renaming each file with my studio’s naming convention and adding IPTC info during the import process. I adjust the capture time of my second shooter’s images to match up with mine, separate the files into categories for getting ready, ceremony, portraits and reception, then begin the culling process. After culling the images, each photo gets an edit in Lightroom for basic contrast, exposure, & white balance as well as cropping out distracting elements and straightening horizons. Select portraits will get a little extra editing in Photoshop with dodging and burning, blemish removal and liquifying. I then choose my favorite 50-60 images and resize and sharpen them for the blog post.  The client will receive between 500-800 images depending on the hours of coverage and the files will be delivered on a USB drive separated into previously mentioned categories with the addition of a “Photographer’s Favorites” folder.

Category: Photographers

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