When I get back from a shoot I import all of my images through Photo Mechanic because I have the option of copying the images to two locations while importing.  So, the images are placed on my MacBook and my drobo.  The Drobo is a type of RAID system where the Drobo enclosure contains multiple drives and duplicates your information across those drives so that if one of the drives in the Drobo fails, no data is lost. I use a drobo with five 2 TB hard drives to archive untouched RAW data, finished RAW images (and Lightroom catalogs) and final JPEG images.  The finished RAW images are also placed on an external drive and stored off site.  Lastly, the final JPEG images are uploaded to my image hosting website which retains backups of all of my final images indefinitely, with multiple layers of redundancy. Therefore, if everything else fails, I still have copies of the final images in multiple locations.

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