Yes! Mentoring is a great way to have a tailor made workshop just for you! I have created an outline of everything we will go over in a mentoring session including exposure, client interaction, creative compostions, editing, posing, lighting, contracts, taxes, etc. but you are free to ask me anything you’d like. One-on-one mentoring is a great opportunity for us to cover all of the topics in which you feel you need improvement. One-on-one mentoring sessions are limited to photographers outside my local market and are typically done over the phone and via Skype.

If you choose to travel to Phoenix for a mentoring session I will provide 2 days of hands on instruction including mock photo shoots, secrets of building a successful business, in-depth branding and photo critiques, and much more. I will assist you in finding lodging and provide meals.  Get in touch with me to start planning your 2 day photo retreat here in Phoenix!  Feel free to bring friends along but keep in mind I limit my 2-day photo retreats to 3 students.

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