I am so lucky to have the most amazing clients who hire me because they love my style and vision. It’s incredibly important that you trust me as your photographer. It’s my job to capture all of the moments, direct you, make you feel comfortable and edit your images so they remain true to my style. If you don’t see the photos you are envisioning for your engagement session or wedding on my website, then I might not be the right fit for you. I will take a look at your Pinterest board to get a sense of what type of images you are drawn to but I will not recreate a photo because that is technically copyright infringement.  I do request that you prepare a list of family portraits and important details; but, I’d rather not be checking off a list of things to photograph as that tends to stifle my creativity. So, if you give me the freedom to be creative and photograph the story of your day, you’ll receive all the photos you expect and more!

Category: Weddings

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